Yes. I am accredited by the Humanist Association of Ireland and registered as a solemniser with the HSE, so as long as you have got your marriage registration from the HSE, all the legal formalities will be in the ceremony.

If it is a private house no, you can’t. The venue for the ceremony has to be in, or attached to, a place that has an address, is normally open to the public and has  public liability insurance. Hotels, museums, pubs, restaurants, or their gardens, decks or courtyards would be good examples. The venue should be accessible to the public while the ceremony is going on and no alcohol should be served or consumed in the venue for the duration of the ceremony.

Any person who is aged over 18 – male or female – can be a witness. There will be two.

Yes, age-appropriate pieces can be included which children can do. Sand pouring, reading or bringing up the rings are parts the children can be involved in.

No, it is up to you whether you have readings or not. Most people do, but as it is your ceremony, you decide.

Yes, it is up to you – live music or recorded music or no music at all. It depends on what kind of ceremony you want.

Yes, as long as the venue doesn’t have a problem with dogs your pet can have a role in the ceremony.

If you are getting married at a popular time of year and on a popular day of the week (Fridays and Saturdays in June, July and August), then contact the celebrant as soon as you know your date. Look at the HAI website and you will find the names and contact details of all the humanist celebrants.

As soon as I have had a query about a ceremony, I will quote a fee. This fee will cover meetings to plan and prepare the ceremony script, any time spent on communications, travel and time expenses, preforming the ceremony on the day and a contribution to the Humanist Association of Ireland. The level of the fee depends on how near to my home the venue is. If the venue is very far away, I like to travel the previous day and spend the night there so that I don’t have to worry about being delayed on the day of the ceremony. When the booking has been agreed, I look for a deposit and the final balance may be paid a week or two before the ceremony.