I am accredited by the Humanist Association of Ireland as a celebrant and registered as such with the HSE. This means that the weddings I conduct are valid under Irish law. The couple have to notify the Registration Office of their intention to marry at least three months before the date and have a Marriage Registration Form issued to them. All information about this part of the process can be found here

The beauty of the humanist cermony is that it can be made peresonal to the couple getting married and features or rituals are unique to them can be included.

To me, marriage is based on love, commitment and respect and the ceremony will reflect this. The ceremony does not create the relationship; what it does is cement it. This is where a couple who have decided to spend their lives together declare this fact to their families, friends and the world at large.

While on the surface, therie is not a huge difference in the relationship after the marriage has been solemnized, there is a subtle yet significant shift- it is now official.

Soemtimes on a wedding day while attention is understandably  being paid to the glamour, the fun and the party, we often forget that marriage is an important social institution which has benefits for individuals and for society. A good marriage leads to better mental health, longer life expectancy and more contentment for the couple and any children they may have. For society good marriages mean more stabiltiy and certainty.

There are some legal requirements in the ceremony and once these have been met, there are different rituals that may be included. I will discuss these under separate headings.

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